My hair unmanageable after sleep


hair unmanageable sleep

My hair gets unmanageable after sleep

Why should my hair get so unmanageable after I sleep?  What is it about sleep that can dry your hair that it's so unmanageable, you cant even comb your hair without it sticking out all over the place.

One solution to restore unmanageable hair after sleep is of course to wash your hair, blow dry your hair, then you should be ok until you go to sleep again.

One drawback of course is that as this happens every day, we would have to wash our unmanageable hair every time we have a sleep and this is not always possible.
Solution discovered by accident
One day when I woke up from my sleep, I was looking in the mirror at my totally unmanageable hair when I realised that I was running late.  
I quickly splashed some water over my unmanageable hair and combed it into shape and went for breakfast.  
When I had finished eating my hair felt quite dry so I went to the mirror and sure enough my unmanageable hair had dried into a good shape and it stayed like that for the rest of the day, until I went to sleep again.
Article Hair Unmanageable Sleep was by Anthony George.

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