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Chiropractic Treatment for a Slipped Disc 



Chiropractic, Treatment , Slipped disc : - A 'slipped disc' is a very painful medical condition which is the result of the injury. In this the vertebra which is the cushion between the bones in the spine is injured and moved from its position.

This displacement presses the vertebra against the nerve leading to its inflammation. 

At times the pain is so severe that it extends to the leg. You can try out chiropractic treatment to cure this pain. 

The chiropractor will first get complete information about your illness, its history along with a complete medical examination including orthopedic and neurological tests before deciding on the treatment of your slipped disc.

To establish foundation for a program of care, the chiropractors use other diagnostic procedures that are unique to chiropractic and will assist him in making the perfect health solution for the patient. 

They perform a postural analysis of the patient by looking at a patient's posture. By making use of motion and static palpation they try to determine exact areas of the slipped disc, restrictions or blockages in spinal joint motion.

They test the muscles by palpating them. They also test for pelvic balance and try to determine if the length of both the legs is same or not. If required X-rays of the leg and spine are also taken. 

After analyzing the findings of the above tests, the chiropractor may ask for an MRI for detailed study of the back. After the above information has been analyzed at length the chiropractor tries to say if the patient has suffered a disc injury or is the disc slipped from its position or not. 

He will also need to diagnose the type of slipped disc injury that may have occurred.

The type of slipped disc injury will determine the care/treatment approach that the chiropractor will take. 

For some patients conservative chiropractic care would be fine. But in cases where the patient has advanced loss of strength, sensation, and reflexes, the chiropractor will refer the patient to a spine surgeon (for evaluation) before starting a treatment program and schedule for the patient.

Slipped disc conditions are treated in chiropractic with a gentle program of low-force techniques. Chiropractors who treat slipped disc conditions integrate their low force adjusting techniques in an organized protocol of evaluation and treatment.

Throughout a program of chiropractic care for slipped disc conditions, patients are asked questions regarding their progress and are often given special stretching exercises to do at home. They may be given instructions on home use of ice and/or heat. 

Evaluation of progress using neurological and chiropractic tests based on comparison with the initial findings are vital aspects of the chiropractic treatment.

If a patient is not responding to the treatment, the chiropractor will usually refer the patient for imaging studies and/or a spine specialist consultation.

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