A clean fridge freezer

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A clean fridge freezer

A clean fridge freezer 

Always keep the coldest part of your refrigerator at 0º -5ºC (32º -41ºF). A good idea would be to buy a refrigerator thermometer.

The temperature for your freezer should be kept below -18ºC (0ºF). Always clean the refrigerator or freezer on a regular basis.


Take out all of the food, clean all of the surfaces including the shelves with hot soapy water. You can make up a cleaning solution with some bicarbonate of soda and warm water if you wish and this will make the fridge smell completely neutral.

Defrost and clean your refrigerator and freezer regularly in order to maintain efficiency, this will help them do a better cooling job and will save you on the electricity charge.

After washing, allow your fridge or freezer to reach optimum temperature before restocking it.

With your
refrigerator, always leave some room for clean air to circulate. With your freezers, you can pack them as tightly as you want.

Always keep clean raw meat, fish and poultry on the lower shelves of the fridge, and make sure that they do not touch other foods that have already been cooked or are to be eaten raw.

Try to use the proper packaging like plastic containers or freeze-bags, which will prevent moisture from entering and damaging the food. Write the date on the package when the food should be used by (this can save you a small fortune).

Never ever eave your fridge or freezer door open, as the temperature will rise very rapidly

Never put warm or hot food into your fridge, as it will raise the interior temperature quite quickly.

I know they always put you an egg rack in the door (bad idea), either keep them in the box or put them into a bowl so that air can circulate freely. You should only use eggs kept this way for 3 weeks after the purchase date.

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