Diabetes Look After Yourself

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Diabetes - How to Look After Yourself 

Diabetes  How to Look After Yourself 


Diabetes is a disease that affects many people; it can strike at any point in their lives. If you have this problem you want to be active in the management of your self-care. The more you control your self-care, the more you assume control of your medical condition. You may find information about diabetes from a variety of sources, including your doctor.

When managing your care, you doctor will encourage you to assume responsibility for the care of your diabetes, thus your will be in charge of you self-care. Be mindful of the fact the self-care for diabetes doesn't occur only after the diagnosis,

If you are in the risk category for becoming diabetic you need to keep a close eye on what is happening to your body and watch for symptoms of diabetes. Schedule regular appointments for checkups with your doctor.

Diabetics that have been diagnosed must be diligent with their care so that they maintain their health and avoid the complications that happen so frequently as a result of being diabetic.

Self-care practices include:

(1) Visit the doctor often, he or she will suggest a time table

(2) Regular eye examinations, as eye problems often occur in diabetics

(3) Make and keep an annual dental examination

(4) Do not smoke, if you are a smoker, quit!

(5) Make sure your diet is balanced and healthy

(6) Take good care of your feet as the disease affects blood flow to them and the results can be disastrous

Self-care is empowering. Once the diabetic patient is practicing self-care, he'll feel more in charge of his whole life, and able to help with controlling the progress of the disease.

There are a variety of additional sources, such as a Care Center, that can provide assistance in getting medical information. A diabetic care center is provides information to help you with the many aspects of your medical condition, including: planning a well balanced diet; administering medication; planning which medical checkups are necessary; and lending emotional support to you and your family. Diabetes Care Centers are also actively involved in researching cure for the disease.

This genetic disease, can manifest itself in the later years of life, especially if an individual is over weight and does not practice healthy diet and exercise habits. If you are prone to the risk factors for diabetes either as a result of genetics or due to your lifestyle, schedule an annual checkup so that early detection of diabetes is possible.

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