Diet Death Sentence

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Is Your Diet a Death Sentence? 

Diet Death Sentence 


Is Your Diet a Death Sentence?

At any given moment, fifty percent of American women are on diets. 

The extent that this has become a mania in our country has shown in the way we are constantly striving towards thinness. 

This is a multi-billion dollar business, where pictures of lean, well-toned young men and women stare at us from every magazine and invite us to spend our hard earned cash to look like them. 

  • A lot of women who buy these products end up losing their health as well as their cash. 

  • The onset of osteoporosis is one debiliting health results of these poorly designed plans. 

  • The reduction or elimination of calcium from the diet is a serious danger to anyone's health. 

Some of the most popular methods deprive women of this essential mineral, yet your body needs calcium in order to maintain healthy bones. 

Losing bone density in this manner can cause irreversible damage. Many diets (and dieters) eliminate all dairy, because they view dairy products as too fattening. 

Nutrition facts about the death sentence aspect tell an entirely different story. 

We all need diets that include dairy products. It is healthy and necessary for good bones. Studies have even shown that including dairy products helps you lose weight instead of gaining it. 

You get the calcium that you need and you will burn existing fat cells since you are no longer replacing them with new fat cells. It's not the dairy product that is the culprit, but the fat, so just eat low-fat dairy products; As you burn fat cells, you will start building more bone and muscle cells. 

Bone and muscle cells burn more calories in the long run, so you will benefit. If you're toying with the idea of going on a diet, then arm yourself with the type of information that could preserve your health, and save your life, before making such a commitment. 

In order to recognize a healthy (none death sentence) plan, you first have to acquaint yourself with the signs of a dangerous one. These signs include programs that list "good" and "bad" foods, eliminate a food group; promise quick results; place the burden of blame for obesity on specific hormones or nutrients; and impose certain food combinations, as well as inflexible rules for eating. 

One of the most dangerous to your health is the famous Atkins Diet since it gives your body the least amount of calcium. That is dangerous to your overall health. 

Other plans that eliminate healthy calcium are Sugar Busters, Suzanne Somers Fast & Easy, The Perricone Prescription and Body for Life. They pose potential problems because any diets that eliminate calcium will cause health problems related to osteoporosis. 

These programs, which stress the elimination of dairy foods, can actually cause the body to discontinue weight loss, since calcitriol, the hormone which triggers the production of fat cells, will increase in level, in an attempt to conserve whatever calcium the body contains. 

When this level increases, the body creates and stores more fat cells and you gain weight. The calcium that you derive from dairy products, however, will reduce the level of calcitriol in your body, which helps to break down the fats and aids in weight reduction and control. 

Don't believe that just because a dieting ad shows a thin, healthy looking person in the ad that the diet's healthy. The person in the ad probably eats a healthy diet and gets plenty of exercise. And that is what you should be doing. 

Healthy eating and a moderate exercise regimen is the only proven way to maintain a nice, trim figure. 

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