Hypertension High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension or High Blood Pressure 

Hypertension high blood pressure 


Hypertension is also known high blood pressure. Blood pressure moves blood from your heart through your veins and arteries. High blood pressure is dangerous because it causes your heart to work harder and increases your risk for heart problems such as heart attacks and strokes. It also increases your risk for various kidney problems and can even cause blindness.

It is sometimes difficult to determine what exactly is causing the hypertension. It may be a variety of factors of health and lifestyle factors or it could be caused by something as simple as the medication that you are taking. 

High blood-pressure caused by medication is referred to as secondary hypertension. It is almost impossible to determine if you have secondary hypertension without visiting your physician. Frequent checks of your blood pressure are required to determine whether your pressure is high or within a safe range.

The good news is that this disease is treatable. If you change your eating habits and make sure you get plenty of exercise you should be able to reduce your blood-pressure. 

Your doctor may also prescribe certain medications that can help with high blood pressure but you should make these lifestyle changes as well. Reducing stress and learning how to deal with it is also beneficial.

Hypertension affects more those who are overweight. Thus, along with other lifestyle changes you also have to try to reduce your weight. Research has revealed that even a 10 pound drop in weight goes far in lowering your high blood pressure. 

Of course reducing weight is not an easy task and takes time to happen. You will have to be patient in the mean time.

If you are unsure about how to start losing weight, consider joining a gym and getting a personal trainer. You only need a few sessions and in that time they can show you how to use each of the machines to your full advantage as well as plan out a program that will help you lose weight and become more active.

A good idea to correct bad eating habits is to get the help of a certified nutritionist, who can plan your diet for the whole week. 

Though nobody likes to be told what they can eat and what not but nonetheless a diet plan is essential to bring about a positive change in your eating habits. Also you will have a clear idea about what is good for you and what not.

However, there are some ills in your lifestyle which will completely have to go such as smoking. Smoking not only harms your life but also puts at risk those around you with passive smoking. 

Smoking has got no good points and every time you smoke it increases your blood pressure and puts you at risk.

We are talking here about a potentially fatal illness that can be treated. But as always prevention is better than cure therefore it is advisable to start making changes in your lifestyle to have better health even if you don't have hypertension. 

Eating healthy, quitting smoking and exercise are anyways essentials of happy life and should be adopted in your life as soon as possible.

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