Look after your heart

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Look after your heart and it will look after you! 

Look after your heart 

As we reach middle age we're suddenly aware that we're not immortal. In fact, our bodies are very delicate and need lots of TLC. 

Most of us, however, in our youth don't give things like arteries a second thought. 

We live life to the full and then we find that we're suddenly overweight, leading stressful lives and not particularly healthy, especially where the heart is concerned.

If you want to take some action to look after your heart but don't have the time to read thick books, then read on, the three pointers below will give you a starter to get your life back in harness. 

Today is the day for taking action. Read on and remember that there are no pockets in shrouds!

Like any other muscle, the heart needs exercise to keep it healthy and pumping but it also helps in other, very important ways. 

It relieves stress, it helps you to sleep and it helps you to burn the calories, thus keeping the weight down. The most sensible way to start is by walking, almost as much and as far as you can. Without pushing yourself, you can build up from five minutes three times a week through to a good healthy walk in the country most days.

A rule of thumb is a minimum of one mile up to about three will encourage you to breathe properly and exercise gently. 

After, when you're doing three miles without any worries at all you can move up a notch; you can start climbing hills and even look at cycling or swimming! Such activity is free or very cheap, will help look after your heart and can, quite literally, save your life.

Look at what you're eating.

Animal fats are basically bad for the heart and not necessary to a good diet. Be kind to animals and to yourself and leave all animal products alone. 

There are lots of tasty alternatives to eat alongside plenty of high fiber foods; whole meal breads and pasta with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The real loss to the diet is eating less refined sugar and certainly cutting down on (or out altogether) alcohol! 

Salt is bad for the heart and totally unnecessary to good, tasty food. If use seasoning rather than salt you'll find it much better to taste and better for your body.

Stress is an enormous factor on the fun and pleasure that we have in life.

Most of us are so stressed that we forget the good things that go on every day and we fret about the little things that grow into huge problems. 

Then we start suffering from headaches, upset stomachs, irritability, difficulty in concentrating or tiredness.

These problems get worse and eventually cause our bodies to shut down. We often don't have time for ourselves and so we never consciously relax. 

Some time for ourselves each day in quietness is a valuable healing tool for us emotionally and physically.

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