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The Right School is Crucial for Aspergers 

The Right School is Crucial for Aspergers 

The Right School is Crucial for aspergers

Children Modern ideology seems to be arguing that no child should be sent to a "special school". Instead, they should mix with all the other kids in a mainstream school. 

Why, because is it "better for them". 

But is it better for those with aspergers? 

A key feature of Asperger children is their poor social skills. 

This means they have difficulty coping with normal social interactions, such as with their peers. Furthermore, they often have pedantic, obsessional and concrete ideas. 

They may be acutely interested in particular subjects - to the boredom of their associates - and remarkably uninterested in "normal" childhood or teenage things. 

The end result of all of this is that, to their peers they often are perceived as "weird" or peculiar. 

Since children are cruel, this marks those with aspergers as prime targets for teasing and bullying. And, because of their difficulties with negotiating social interactions, they often respond to this inappropriately and, at times, aggressively. 

Likewise, their teachers also struggle to accommodate their non-conformist ways. 

Coping with their endless questions about some minor point, or their insistence on absolute fairness can be very challenging. 

If the aspergers child detects any hint of injustice, this too will be challenged. So, the peers see them as weird and pick on them, and the teachers don't understand them. 

  • So how these children fare in a normal mainstream school? 

The answer, all too often, is very poorly. They often lash out at the bullies, and then argue with the teachers who, they feel, quite unreasonably come down on them instead of the bullies. 

Over time these problems compound into more and more complications until the child is either failing dismally, or being kicked out for "bad behavior". 

Had they been placed in a special school with teachers trained to understand them, the outcome can be very different. With the right support from the teachers their social skills may improve considerably, and their self esteem improve. 

Surprisingly, the other children in these schools can also be much more tolerant, resulting in less teasing and bullying to those with aspergers. 

Every child is difficult. Surely it is logical that we cannot just apply a blanket ideology to all children as though they were merely sausage meat going through a sausage factory? 

Unique children require unique solutions in order to succeed, and if that means a special school, well, then so be it!

The author of Right School aspergers Children is Jo Divljak

Source:  Article on aspergers  was submitted by Jo Divljak for publication.

Source Image: Public Domain

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