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Now's the time to assess your body shape 

Ypur Body Shape


Now's the time to assess your body shape Is it time to take a long hard look at your body shape in the mirror and decide that it's time to make an improvement? 

Not by starting a fad diet that will only be effective for a few weeks and then will cause us to become even fatter than we previously were but by trying to improve our bodies for our own health, not to line some else's pocket. 

Let's turn the tables and look at it from our point of view. In past generations life has been very different. We all work as hard, but it's not so physical now. We tend to sit for long periods with our computers and even the physical tasks in the home are now nothing compared with only a few decades ago. 

The net result is that we don't need the number of calories we used to consume and if we take anything like the number without substantial exercise we are going to put on body weight. 

It was quite common fifty years ago for an adult to consume and use at least 4000 calories a day. Now, because of our life style, we can find that 1500 calories will cause us to put on weight and so we end up starving ourselves. 

The result is our bodies demand the foods that it needs to keep going. We don't always interpret this in the right manner and often eat the wrong foods in belief that we're doing the right thing and so our weight and body shape billows. 

Let's face it. Keeping ourselves in shape, particularly as we get older, isn't as easy as it looks when we see gorgeous film stars strutting their stuff. If we forget about the look for a moment, however, and realize that although looking good is a bi-product, our real aim is to keep our bodies fit, in good shape and healthy so we live a better quality of life for longer. 

Therefore it's worth walking past the fast food and aiming for the living foods, the fruits and vegetables, that will give every cell in our body life and energy. 

Within a couple of days of good, wholesome eating we'll feel more able to tackle some exercise, even if it's simply running up the stairs at home and from there we can build - some extra housework or gardening, a walk at the weekend, perhaps take a dance class, go swimming (with a sauna a Jacuzzi, of course!), the list is endless. 

The following steps will help you to take stock of your health: Take time to look objectively at your diet. Immediately start eating lots of live foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts and eliminate the 'dead' foods (anything that is literally dead or cooked to death by frying or over boiling). 

Avoid any processed products and particularly desserts that call themselves fat free. For a healthy body, you must eat the right fats - almonds and avocados are great sources of fats that you need. Water is good for our bodies and helps us to feel full. 

Have small meals or snack regularly, rather than trying to starve yourself. Try to stop yourself from eating too much - this isn't always easy as your stomach won't tell you that it's full until twenty minutes after you've finished eating. 

Look at your body shape and decide where you need to lose the weight. Assess the exact changes you need to make and either buy yourself a book or go to exercise classes that will target the right exercises for your shape. 

If you can combine a new diet with exercise you will find that your body shape will change much faster. 

Author Nigel Cunnigham 

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