Burn Fat Diet

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Burn Fat Diet 

Burn Fat Diet 

What is the Burn Fat Diet?

The Burn Fat Diet is a diet is based on the following facts:-

  • The First thing to know, is it a man or a woman? 

  • What is their daily level of exercise? 

  • How much body fat do they already have?

The burn fat diet is based upon 33 percent of its calories from fat, 33 percent from carbohydrates and 33 percent from protein. 

All of the things that you eat each the day will follow this 33 33 33 formula, which will make your body work to its maximum performance thus maximizing the production of energy and weight loss.

The strengths in using this diet. 

Because of the low calorie intake your weight loss will be significantly increased. And don't forget that you will be eating nice things like steaks and roasts. 

The weaknesses in using this diet.

1. This diet is quite low in carbohydrates, so you may well suffer from reduced levels of energy and may feel some tiredness setting in. 

2. The fiber levels in this diet are also quite low, due to a lack of potatoes, pasta and bread which may lead to a depletion of your minerals or vitamins.

3. Working out your calculations for each of your meals using this method can be quite a drag and may make you quite fed-up, as it may use up a lot of your time.

How long can you remain on this diet? 

You can stay on this diet forever providing it has been approved by a qualified dietitian. 

What can I do and what cant I do? 

  • Am i allowed an alcoholic drink? 

Yes Providing that you are sensible about the amount you have. 

  • Can I drink Tea or coffee? 

No,  Try not to drink things with caffeine in them. 

  • Do i need to buy any special foods?

No, Your plan will consist of a variety of normal foods. 

  • Is this diet any good if you are a vegetarian?

No Not really as it uses a lot of different meats.

What do dietitians like or dislike about the diet:-

The diet suggests an intake of  carbohydrates, fat and protein in a ratio of 33-33-33.

In the UK, the normal recommendations are that we should work towards a formula of 15-35-50. 

A lot of people find it quite difficult  to work out the things they should eat on this diet. It is therefore essential that you adhere to a plan that has been set up by an expert.

The author of this page about the Burn Fat Diet is Anthony George

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