Hypnosis Quitting Smoking

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Hypnosis and Quitting Smoking The Fact and Myth 

Hypnosis Quitting Smoking 

Quitting, The Fact and Myth 

There are many tools that smokers can use to help them break their unhealthy habit. 

Some like to use medications, others find that nicotine replacements are handy, and still others just drop the habit cold turkey. 

Recently, there has been much talk about the beneficial effects of hypnosis especially for getting rid of the habit of smoking. 

However, many doubt whether it is really helpful. 

Hypnosis relaxes your mind in a way that generates new thinking. 

It promotes calm, by reducing superfluous thoughts. And creates a mood receptive to newer thoughts or ideas. 

A hypnotist knows how to calm the patient with breathing and imagery in order to settle the mind. At that point, the hypnotist can suggest things that will deter a person from smoking. These might be images of the harm that smoking does to the body, or it can be all of the healthy outcomes that the patient can expect. 

Either way, the person's thought pattern is interrupted and new ideas are put into place.

The Hypnotic process induces a sense of tranquility in the patient. 

The healthier subconscious thoughts should help to keep the patient away from the lure of lighting up once again. 

Of course, it varies from individual to individual how many sessions of hypnosis will have the desired effect. But, the fact remains that hypnosis has definitely helped smokers to quit their habit. 

What hypnosis isn't Hypnosis is a method of changing the thought pattern but it should not be mistaken for a cure for smoking. It can certainly redirect the habit into something healthier and more positive but the behavior of the patient needs to be monitored. 

Basically, you need to work consciously to resist the temptation and create a new lifestyle. What usually happens is that hypnosis works beautifully for a short time and then the person falls back into the old pattern. 

In such cases it is best to go in for another session to reinforce the desired behaviors. The best results can be achieved if hypnosis is used along with other therapies to stop smoking for good. 

If you can find other ways to relax during the day you will look at other alternatives to smoking and lead a nicotine free life. Visualizing Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and play a relaxing music CD. 

Close your eyes and relax your body completely and think about what you want. Focus on your objectives to be healthy and free of smoking. 

You can give auto-suggestions by repeating these thoughts. After some time, open your eyes slowly. 

It's' really that simple. All you need to do if you're quitting is to repeat this process on a regular basis, which will help you come up with new responses to old situations that led you to smoke in the first place.

The author of Hypnosis Quitting Smoking is Paul Segnate

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