Protect Yourself From Fitness Fraud

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Protect Yourself From Fitness Fraud 

Protect Yourself From Fitness Fraud 

Protect Yourself From Fitness Fraud

Fitness fraud is a lot more prevalent than you might think. Claims on everything from fitness equipment to fitness clothes range from outrageous to completely unbelievable. Still, it isn't always easy to know when claims about fitness products are true are not. And it's not just claims you need to protect yourself against, but also against substandard fitness items. 

Here are a few tips to help you detect fitness fraud before you turn over your hard earned money, or worse get injured! In trying to figure out if that seductive fitness claim is true or not, you want to use this fitness claim checklist. 

  • Is there any scientific evidence to support this claim? 

  • Is there a lot of fine print? 

  • Does the claim depend too much on testimonials? 

  • Are you supposedly being let in some great fitness "secret" that no one else knows?

  • Do the experts used have real credentials or do they appear to be fake? 

  • Is the person selling the fitness product overdoing "sincere"? 

  • Is the claim exaggerated--3 days to a flat stomach? 

  • Are you being sold on a fitness miracle?

  • Does the claim use a pressure tactic, such as buy today before this fitness item's all gone?

  • Are free prizes offered with the fitness product? 

With the exception of the first question, if the fitness product you're thinking of buying has yeses to more than two of these questions, then it's a safe bet the fitness product claim is fake and you'll be a victim of fitness fraud if you buy it. 

Really, even one yes to any of these questions about a fitness product is too many. 

When it comes to buying fitness products or equipment online, you'd do well to ask yourself the same questions. You also want to feel the company selling the fitness product has your best interest at heart. 

You also want to be sure you're dealing with a reputable company. One way you can do this when tempted to buy a fitness product from an online source is to send them an email question. 

How long does it take the company to respond? Is the answer an automated response that does nothing to answer your question concerning the fitness product? 

Good customer service is a good indicator that the online company is legitimate. Also be sure there's a contact person or contact email for any problems or questions that you may have about the fitness product in the future. And whenever possible, look for a money back guarantee for any fitness item you may purchase online. 

That way if the fitness product doesn't work or is of inferior quality, all you've lost is your time--and, well, maybe your innocence. 

1. What is the scientific evidence to support this claim? 

2. Does the ad carry a lot of fine print? 

3. Is there any other evidence besides a list of testimonials? 

4. Are you being told the most heavily guarded secrets that no one else knows? 

5. Do the experts have authentic or fake credentials? 

6. Do the claims appear highly exaggerated? 

7. Is there a bit too much emphasis on sincerity? 

8. Are you being made to expect a fitness miracle? 

9. Is there a pressure tactic involved such as 'buy today or lose the opportunity of a lifetime'? 

10. Does the fitness product come with free prizes?

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