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Good Optimization Tips
Good Optimization Tips Good Optimization Tips

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Food Types

all-bran cereal

almonds sliced

almonds whole

angelfood cake from mix

angelfood cake from mix

apple juice canned

apple pie piece

apple pie

apples dried

apples raw peeled sliced

apples raw unpeeled 2 per lb

apples raw unpeeled 3 per lb

applesauce canned sweetened

applesauce canned unsweetened

apricot nectar no added vitamin c

apricot canned heavy syrup

apricot canned heavy syrup cup

apricots canned juice pack

apricots canned juice pack cup

apricots dried cooked unsweetened

apricots dried uncooked

apricots raw

artichokes globe cooked drained

asparagus cooked from frozen dr

asparagus cooked from frozen drained cut

asparagus cooked from raw dr cut

asparagus cooked from raw dr

asparagus canned spears without salt

asparagus canned spears with salt

avocados california

avocados florida


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