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bananas sliced 



bananas sliced  Portion                 

1 cup

bananas sliced  Fat                       

bananas sliced  Energy                 


bananas sliced  Carbohydrates    


bananas sliced  Protein                

bananas sliced  Cholesterol         


bananas sliced  Weight                


bananas sliced  Saturated Fat



A Balanced Diet

When creating a balanced diet, you must have , protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, minerals and salts, all in the correct proportions. 

If there is insufficient protein, you will not be able to grow properly or to repair yourself, i.e. your wounds will not heal up properly. 

If you don't have sufficient energy containing foods you will become very tired, and you will not have enough energy. If you have too much in the way of energy containing foods, you will become overweight. 

If you think that you are becoming a bit overweight, you might consider taking a little more exercise to 'burn off' some of the excess food which you consumed during your last meal.

You should try to eat 5 small portions of  vegetables a day.  Always try to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day to ensure a healthy skin.

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