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Good Optimization Tips
Good Optimization Tips Good Optimization Tips

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Food Types

fats cooking vegetable shortening

fats cooking vegetable shortening cup

feta cheese

fig bars

figs dried

filberts (hazelnuts) chopped

filberts (hazelnuts) chopped cup

fish sandwich large without cheese

fish sandwich regular with cheese

fish sticks frozen reheated

flounder or sole baked butter

flounder or sole baked margarine

flounder or sole baked

fondant uncoated

frankfurter cooked

french bread

french or vienna bread

french salad dressing

french salad dressing regular

french toast home recipe

fried pie apple

fried pie cherry

fruit loops cereal

fruit cocktail canned heavy syrup

fruit cocktail canned juice pack

fruit punch drink canned

fruitcake dark from home recipe (piece)

fruitcake dark from home recipe (cake)

fudge chocolate plain


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