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Good Optimization Tips
Good Optimization Tips Good Optimization Tips

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Food Types

garlic powder

gelatine dessert prepared

gelatine dry

gin rum vodka whisky 80-proof

gin rum vodka whisky 86-proof

gin rum vodka whisky 90-proof

ginger ale

gingerbread cake from mix (piece)

gingerbread cake from mix (cake)

golden grahams cereal

graham cracker plain

grape drink canned

grape juice canned (cup)

grape soda

grapefruit juice frozen unsweetened

grapefruit juice frozen diluted unsweetened

grapefruit juice canned sweetened

grapefruit juice canned unsweetened

grapefruit juice raw

grapefruit canned syrup pack

grapefruit raw pink

grapefruit raw white

grapejuice frozen concentrated sweetened

grapejuice frozen diluted sweetened withc

grape-nuts cereal

grapes european raw thompson

grapes european raw

gravy and turkey frozen

great northern beans dry cooked drained

ground beef broiled lean

ground beef broiled regular

gum drops


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