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Food Types

pancakes buckwheat from mix

pancakes plain from mix

pancakes plain home recipe

papayas raw


parmesan cheese grated

parmesan cheese grated 1oz

parmesan cheese grated

parsley freeze-dried

parsley raw

parsnips cooked drained

pasteurized processed cheese swiss

pasteurized processed cheese american

pasteurized processed cheese food american

pasteurized processed cheese spread american

pea beans dry cooked drained

pea green soup canned

peach pie

peach pie

peaches canned heavy syrup

peaches canned heavy syrup cup

peaches canned juice pack

peaches canned juice pack cup

peaches dried

peaches dried cooked unsweetened

peaches frozen sweetened with vitiminc cup

peaches frozen sweetened with vitiminc

peaches raw

peaches raw sliced

peanut butter

peanut butter cookie home recipe

peanut oil

peanut oil

peanuts oil roasted salted

peanuts oil roasted salted

peanuts oil roasted unsalted

peanuts oil roasted unsalted cup

pears canned heavy syrup

pears canned heavy syrup cup

pears canned juice pack

pears canned juice pack cup

pears raw bartlett

pears raw

peas edible pod cooked drained

peas green canned drained with salt

peas green canned drained witho salt

peas split dry cooked

peas green frozen cooked drained

pecan pie piece

pecan pie

pecans halves

pecans halves cup

pepper black

peppers hot chilli raw green

peppers hot chilli raw red

peppers sweet cooked green

peppers sweet cooked red

peppers sweet raw green

peppers sweet raw red

pepper-type soda

pickles cucumber dill

pickles cucumber fresh pack

pickles cucumber sweet gherkin

piecrust from mix

piecrust from home recipe

pine nuts

pineapple juice canned unsweetened

pineapple canned heavy syrup

pineapple canned heavy syrup cup

pineapple canned juice pack

pineapple canned juice pack cup

pineapple raw diced

pineapple-grapefruit juice drained

pinto beans dry cooked drained

pistachio nuts

pita bread

pizza cheese

plantains cooked

plums canned heavy syrup

plums canned heavy syrup cup

plums canned juice pack

plums canned juice pack

plums raw 1-1/2-in diameter

plums raw 2-1/8-in diameter

popcorn air-popped unsalted

popcorn popped vegetable oil salted

popcorn sugar syrup coated


pork chop loin broil lean

pork chop loin broil len with fat

pork chop loin panfry lean

pork chop loin panfry lean with fat

pork fresh ham roasted lean

pork fresh ham roasted lean with fat

pork fresh rib roasted lean

pork fresh rib roasted lean with fat

pork shoulder braised lean

pork shoulder braised lean with fat

pork cured bacon regular cooked

pork cured bacon canada cooked

pork cured ham canned roast

pork cured ham roasted lean

pork cured ham roasted lean with fat

pork link cooked

pork luncheon meat canned

pork luncheon meat chopped ham

pork luncheon meat cooked ham lean

pork luncheon meat cooked ham

potato chips

potato salad made with mayonnaise

potatoes au gratin from mix

potatoes au gratin home recipe

potatoes baked flesh only

potatoes baked with skin

potatoes boiled peeled a fat er

potatoes boiled peeled before

potatoes hashed brown fr frozen

potatoes mashed from dehydrated

potatoes mashed recipe milk with mar

potatoes mashed recipe with milk

potatoes scalloped from mix

potatoes scalloped home recipe

potatoes french-fried frozen fried

potatoes french-fried frozen oven

pound cake commercial slice

pound cake commercial

pound cake from home recipe slice

pound cake from home recipe

pretzels stick

pretzels twisted dutch

pretzels twisted thin

product 19 cereal

provolone cheese

prune juice canned

prunes dried

prunes dried cooked unsweetened

pudding choc cooked from mix

pudding choc instant fr mix

pudding chocolate canned

pudding rice from mix

pudding tapioca canned

pudding tapioca from mix

pudding vanilla canned

pudding vanilla cooked from mix

pudding vanilla instant from mix

pumpernickel bread slice

pumpernickel bread

pumpernickel bread toasted

pumpkin and squash kernels

pumpkin pie piece

pumpkin pie

pumpkin canned

pumpkin cooked from raw


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