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Food Types

safflower oil

safflower oil cup

salami cooked type

salami dry type

salmon baked red

salmon canned pink with bones

salmon smoked



sandwich spread pork beef

sandwich type cookie

sardines atlantic canned oil drained

sauerkraut canned

scallops breaded frozen reheat

seaweed kelp raw

self-rising flour fatted

semisweet chocolate

sesame seeds

shakes thick chocolate

shakes thick vanilla

sherbet 2% fat

sherbet 2% fat

shortbread cookie commercial

shortbread cookie home recipe

shredded wheat cereal

shrimp canned drained

shrimp french fried

snack cakes devils food

snack cakes sponge creme

snack type crackers

snap bean canned drained green salt

snap bean canned drained green withoutut salt

snap bean canned drained yellow salt

snap bean canned drained yellow no salt

snap bean frozen cooked drained green

snap bean frozen cooked drained yellow

snap bean raw cooked drained green

snap bean raw cooked drained yellow

sour cream

sour cream cup

soy sauce

soybean oil hydrogenated

soybean oil hydrogenated cup

soybean-cottonseed oil hydrogenated

soybean-cottonseed oil hydrogenated cup

soybeans dry cooked drained

spaghetti cooked firm

spaghetti cooked tender

spaghetti tom sauce cheese

spaghetti tom sauce cheese cnd

spaghetti meatballs tomato sauce

spaghetti meatballs tomato sauce cnd

special k cereal

spinach souffle

spinach canned drained with salt

spinach canned drained without salt

spinach cooked fr frozen drained

spinach cooked from raw drained

spinach raw

squash summer cooked drained

squash winter baked

strawberries frozen sweetened cup

strawberries frozen sweetened

strawberries raw

sugar cookie from refrigerated dough

sugar frosted flakes kellogg

sugar smacks cereal

sugar brown pressed down

sugar powdered fatted

sugar white granulated pkt

sugar white granulated

sugar white granulated cup

sunflower oil

sunflower oil cup

sunflower seeds

super sugar crisp cereal

sweet (dark) chocolate

sweetened condensed milk canned

sweet potatoes baked peeled

sweet potatoes boiled withoutut peel

sweet potatoes candied

sweet potatoes canned mashed

sweet potatoes canned vac pack

swiss cheese

syrup chocolate flavoured thin

syrup chocolate flavoured fudge


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