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Food Types

table syrup (corn and maple)



tangerine juice canned sweetened

tangerines canned light syrup

tangerines raw

tartar sauce

tea brewed

tea instant prepared unsweetened

tea instant prepared sweetened

toaster pastries


tomato juice canned without salt

tomato juice canned with salt

tomato paste canned without salt

tomato paste canned with salt

tomato puree canned without salt

tomato puree canned with salt

tomato sauce canned with salt

tomato soup with water canned

tomato soup with milk canned

tomato vegetable soup dehydrated prepared

tomatoes canned with with salt

tomatoes canned with without salt

tomatoes raw

tortillas corn

total cereal

trout broiled butter lemon juice

tuna salad

tuna canned drained oil chunks lght

tuna canned drained water white

turkey ham cured turkey thigh

turkey loaf breast meat

turkey patties brd battered fried

turkey roast frozen lght

turkey roasted dark meat

turkey roasted light with dark

turkey roasted light with dark cup

turkey roasted light meat

turnip greens cooked from frozen

turnip greens cooked from raw

turnips cooked diced


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