Why More Children With Diabetes

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Why are There More Diabetes Cases in Children? 


Why are There More Cases of diabetes and diabetic Children?

Diabetes, the body's inability to metabolize sugar properly, is something that most people have to just live with for the rest of their lives. 

You can control it, of course, with proper diet and by taking more medication. But the fact that an increasing number of young children and adolescents are prone to it nowadays is a cause for concern. 

With the surge in obesity and overweight children, it should come as no surprise that the disease is also growing in proportion. 

Kids are less active than they have been in the past, and this is leading to more health problems. Inactivity leads to Obesity which in turn reduces the body's ability to handle stress. In the case of children, the effect of obesity on their smaller size and height is amplified. 

These extra pounds come from a life of physical inactivity in children, too much time sitting at the computer and at meals is taking its toll in increased weight. 

Kiddies bodies, already hampered by excess weight, have no way, therefore, to cope with their diets, rich in fat and sugar. 

Very simply put, the body cannot metabolize, or burn, these high levels of fat and sugar, causing an imbalance that leads to diabetes in so many children. 

Eating the wrong foods Current living styles afford little time for nutritious meals, full of wholesome grains and fresh vegetables and fruits like in the good old days. 

With pressures of time, it's all too easy to reach out for packaged and processed two-minute meals, or grab a bite somewhere. 

Our bodies can normally adapt to stress within limits but when there is a constant bombardment of unhealthy foods, the liver and pancreas cannot keep pace and end up malfunctioning or even getting damaged. 

Would you really want to damage something so inherently part of your nature? 

And while it's easy to blame the child for the health problems and poor food choices, there is a lot to be said for the family that surrounds them. 

If the children are predisposed to an environment that doesn't support healthy living, then there is a greater tendency for diabetes and other health problems. 

At the end of the day, everyone in the family needs to pull together as one team on the same side -- the side that keeps illnesses like diabetes and other unhealthy issues at bay. And it doesn't have to be boring to be healthy. 

Exercise can be fun when the whole family is involved. 

Finding new recipes that support a healthy lifestyle can also be a team effort. 

Have everyone pick out a recipe for each night of the week and see how much more involved everyone will be in reclaiming their health.

Source:  Article More Diabetes was submitted by Martin Grandley for publication.

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