What about Pocket Money?

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What do you do about Pocket Money? 

What do you do about Pocket Money? 

What do you do about Pocket Money?

Some children seem to be loaded with money.

Others get none. How much is the "right amount"? 

Should children get a set amount every week, or should it depend on the chores they've done, how "good" they have been, or perhaps even on what they ask for? Pocket money can be earned or unearned.

Earned pocket money is just what it says. 

The child gets "paid" for the jobs he does, such as clearing the table or making the bed. Through this, he learns the value of money, and the reality that you have to work to get the things you want Crucial to this is the rule that if he earns it he gets it, and if he does not earn it then he does not get it.

As long as you stick to this rule firmly and fairly you should have few difficulties. That means that even if he has been badly behaved, but has done the jobs, he still gets the money.

On the other hand, if he has not earned it, do not give in and give it to him just because of something that he "needs". He should have thought of that when he chose not to do the work. And be very wary of lending money to your children:

Do you really want them to live their lives on credit? 

Far better for them to learn that you cannot have everything instantly, and that sometimes you have to work hard and save up for the things you want.

Unearned pocket money, on the other hand, is given, not because the child has done something to earn it, but simply because you love her, and delight in giving good things to her. Even here you need to be very clear about how much you will give each week, and that the amount is your decision and not hers.

If you give even a whiff of a suggestion that you are open to negotiation on this, then you are letting yourself in for many episodes of crying, whining, and other tactics of manipulation to get you to give more! Since it is a privilege, it can be withdrawn at any time if the child has been particularly naughty, but try to do this in exceptional circumstances only. If you want, you can combine the two types.

You might, for example, have part of the weekly allowance earned on the basis of getting chores done, and the other part unearned. Just be clear in advance how you will do it, and stick to it.

How much to give? 

That depends on their age, and on what the money is to be spent on. Probably they should get enough to be able to buy something they want each week, (e.g. a comic), but not enough to buy bigger treats, such as a new computer game, for which they would have to save up.

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