Pregnancy Abortion Pill

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Pregnancy Abortion Pill 

Pregnancy Abortion Pill 


If you are reading this page for yourself:-

Have you had a pregnancy test? 

If the answer is no, then you must do so as soon as possible. 

You can usually get one for free at your doctors surgery or if you you would prefer, you can pick one up from the chemists for a few pounds which should be able to give you a fairly clear indication. 

What is an Abortion? 

The word abortion means the termination (ending) of a pregnancy. 

In general there are two main kinds of abortions:- 

  • The abortion Pill (Medical abortion 'not available everywhere so you should check first') 

This pill based method can only be used during the first 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. When this method is prescribed, no surgery is involved. You will be given a pill, and 48 hours later another pill will be put into your vagina. The combination effect of these two tablets will end most early pregnancies within a few hours with a heavy period that may be quite painful. 

  • The suction method (Aspiration) 

Usually available for those up to 13 weeks pregnant. Carried out under a general anaesthetic, through the entrance of the womb thus avoiding any surgical wounds. Recovery period is usually a couple of hours and most go home the same day. 

  • Timing:- 

The timing of a pregnancy is worked out from the very first day of your last period. 

  • Can this be legal? 

In the United Kingdom, a legal abortion can be performed if the pregnancy is less than 24 weeks and that two different doctors are in agreement that it could be beneficial for any of the following reasons:-

  • If you were to have the baby, that it might do more damage to your physical or mental health than an abortion itself. This will usually result in you explaining your feelings to the doctor about how you feel about the pregnancy. 

  • Having another baby might do physical or mental harm to any children you may already have. 

  • An abortion would be needed to save you any permanent harm to your physical or mental health. 

  • There is a serious indication that the baby would be handicapped. 

How can I get an abortion? 

  • In order for you to get an abortion on the National Health Service you will need to be referred by your general practitioner (Doctor), or a doctor from a local family planning clinic. 

  • There is also a clinic called the Brook Centre for those of you that are under twenty five years of age. 

When should I have an abortion? 

If you are considering having an abortion on the National Health Service:- the earlier you apply will make it easier for you to get a free abortion. 

Under 8 weeks or under 12 weeks will give you a better chance than if you leave it any longer. 

What if I go for a private abortion? 

Private abortions can be arranged for a fee between £320 for an early termination to around £750 in the later stages. 


Most women experience period like pains for a few days after an abortion. Instructions will be given to you to avoid infection and what to do if it occurs.

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