St John's Wort to treat Depression

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Using St John's Wort to treat Depression 

Using St. John's Wort to treat Depression 

Using St John's Wort to treat Depression

With all of the anti-depression drugs available, it can be difficult for you and your doctor to choose one that works for your particular case. 

Every patient is different. Mild depression or Dysthymic depression, for example makes patients feel melancholy and uninterested in doing anything, among other things. It can often escape attention, going unrecognized for what it is, but patients can suffer like this for years. 

Depression can also stem from bipolar disorders, major depression, pregnancy and trauma from highly stressful situations. 

A lot of the medications used to treat depression include complicated chemical balances that need to be adjusted to the particular patient, and can also have multiple physical and emotional side effects. 

Some patients report feeling worse after having taken traditional medications or they report needing to switch from medicine to medicine as one wears off and becomes less effective. 

So what does a person with depression do? 

What does a person do if they don't have access to a trained psychiatrist that can prescribe them medication? 

New thinking has some solutions! healthful living, a diet rich in vegetables and fruit, staying off the sugary and Caffeinated foods and beverages all add up to promote a healthy body. 

This also boosts immunity and allows patients to better tackle the strains and stresses of everyday life. 

Physical exercise helps to ease mood swings that are caused by depression. It also strengthens the body so that it can deal with stress more effectively. 

In the herbal field, St John's Wort has become the most often spoken of remedy for depression. This herb has been used in Europe for centuries without negative results, and has come over to the United States with great success. 

St John's Wort works by stabilizing the mood and reducing the amount of swings in the overall demeanor of the patient. And because it's not created with chemicals, it can also have fewer side effects. 

The efficacy of St John's Wort in treating depression is yet to be scientifically proved. It is however, easily available without a prescription from your local grocery store. 

For those who can't afford to see a psychiatrist, St John's Wort offers an alternative. But before you buy it for depression, it's a good idea nevertheless to speak to your doctor about St John's Wort. 

Depression can result from physical problems that your doctor can address to assess whether you need medication. 

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