Zone Diet Plan

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Zone Diet Plan 

Zone Diet Plan 

What is the Zone Diet Plan?

The Zone Diet is calculated meal plan based upon the following criteria:-

  • First consideration is a person's gender, whether it be male or female. 

  • A person's Current level of daily activity. 

  • The current percentage of body fat.

The zone diet is designed to include 30 percent of its calories from fat, 30 percent from protein and 40 percent from carbohydrates. 

All of your meals and snacks consumed during the day will follow this 30-30-40 ratio, which causes your body to work within its peak performance 'zone' for maximum weight loss and energy produced.

The advantages of this diet. 

You will achieve great weight loss with this system because of the low calorie intake. At the same time you will be enjoying high protein foods like roasted meats and beefsteaks. 

Pick a good version of this diet and it will include guided meal plans to steer you into the 'zone.' 

The disadvantages of this diet. 

1. Due to the fact that this diet is very low in carbohydrates, your energy levels can soon become depleted and you can feel quite tired.

2. This diet is also very low in fibre due to a very low starch level that you would get from bread, pasta, and potatoes. Which in turn can deplete some of your vitamins and minerals.

3. Trying to work out how to calculate each meal or snack using the 30-30-40 ratio can also be a time consuming task and often puts people off this kind of diet.

How long can you stay on this? 

For ever, providing that the plan has been worked out by a qualified nutritionist. 

Do's and Don'ts 

  • Can you drink alcohol? 

Yes you can drink alcohol, in moderation of course. 

  • Can you drink coffee? 

No,  Usually Caffeinated drinks are not permitted at all. 

  • Is there any need to purchase specialist foods?

No, the planner usually consists of a variety of normal everyday foodstuffs 

  • Is this OK for vegetarians?

No it is not, It relies quite highly on a variety of meats

What the dietitians have to say about this diet:-

This diet recommends an intake of  fat, protein and carbohydrates in a ratio of 30-30-40.

UK guidelines suggest that we should be working towards a ratio of 15-35-50. 

A lot of folks have a difficult time trying to work out just what they should eat on this plan. It is much better that you follow a plan where the calculations have already been done for you by an expert.

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