Throbbing leg pain


Throbbing leg painWhy do I suffer throbbing leg pain?Throbbing leg pain

If you try to stay active you will help to encourage much better circulation and reduce throbbing leg pain. 

When exercising the muscles in your calf you will improve the legs ability in pumping blood back to your heart, this should help to reduce throbbing leg pain. 

When resting, raise your legs on a cushion or pillow, which will also help with return blood flow.

The main cause for leg pain is bad circulation. If you smoke or are obese, lack exercise or have a very poor diet, you will probably suffer from some kind of throbbing leg pain.

If you have cholesterol or blood pressure problems they may also give rise to leg pains and should be helped by a proper exercise plan and possibly some compression stockings, under advice from your doctor.

People who have a job where they stand all day can often suffer a lot more with leg pains.


Flexing your feet upwards and downwards.

Ankle rotation will increase circulation and help to reduce your any problems you may have with throbbing leg pain.

Standing up and stretching the muscle in your calf will also help to reduce your leg pains.Throbbing leg pain 
Throbbing leg pain