Tips On Health


Seven Top Tips On HealthTips On Health

The first of our tips on health is to drink at least 6 to 8 cups or glasses of liquid each day.  It has recently been discovered that this does not have to always be water. It can be Tea, Coffee, water, squash, fruit juice etc, even though some of them may be diuretics.

The second of our tips on health is to always use a sun block cream or lotion when going outside. Try getting into the habit of putting some on each day even if it's dull or raining.  This will help to protect your skin from radiation and make your skin look younger for longer. There are many stores now selling good quality sun block at the right price.

The third of our tips on health is to take a Garlic and a Cod liver oil capsule each morning. This is of course providing that you are not allergic to either of these products.  These capsules will help to clean your blood and keep your joints supple.

The Fourth of our tips on health it to eat well.  If you try to maintain a balanced diet and eat realistic portions of meat and dairy with unlimited fruit and vegetables, you will probably lose weight. The killer foods are snacks, things like:- Crisps, Biscuits, Sweets and processed foods. Always try to eat fresh products cooked from scratch with olive oil or fry light so that you are not eating any of the horrible preservatives that manufacturers often use.
The fifth of our tips on health is to get a check up with your Doctor. Many people often muddle along getting the odd headache ache or pain.  This can be due to high blood pressure, Diabetes, or some other disease.  You may not be able to lose weight because of an under or over active Thyroid gland. All of the above examples can usually be controlled with tablets enabling you to enjoy life again
The sixth of our tips on health is about exercise, especially if you are a senior citizen.  Just a small amount of exercise a day will all help to keep you fit. Housework, walking up and down stairs, standing, bending, or any movement that will help to keep your joints free from pain and prevent you from becoming obese.

The seventh of our tips on health is to make sure that you have regular bowel movements.  If you are regularly constipated, you may need more roughage in your diet to keep your motions bulky and free.  If you suffer from diarrhea, you may need more liquid in your diet to replace liquids lost and if it persists must visit your doctor. 
Tips On Health